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Allure's anti-phishing solution defends enterprise customers from attacks.
AskFora helps you discover, contract, and pay trusted professionals in your network. Omer founded AskFora in February of 2018 after realizing that there was something broken in the gig economy. Despite plenty of marketplaces to look for talent, it's gotten harder to find quality help for short term jobs. There's still too much overhead and inconsistency to rely on third party marketplaces regularly. Omer started looking for a better way to ask people he knows for trusted recommendations. AskFora was born from this need, as a way to find people you know for work you need done. AskFora lets you use the networks you already have to find people for short term work. With Fora, the intelligent assistant, you can create quality job descriptions and let Fora search for people who are a good fit. You decide who to invite and select for your job. Fora coordinates a contract to protect you and your contractor and facilitates payment.
Developer of a SaaS-based B2B security and enterprise risk management platform designed to visualize crime and provide a comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground. The company's platform includes a dashboard for security personnel with features like employee check-in system for crisis management, routes to destinations, tailored and real-time notifications, interactive emergency plans and intuitive visualizations that aggregates information from different sources including government statistics, social media, crowd-sourced reports and partner organization data, enabling users to connects to employees in the field, manage their trips and make better decisions about their safety.
Black Kite provides comprehensive Security-as-a-Service solutions focused on cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous perimeter monitoring. They harvest cyber threat data from multiple sources and provide actionable intelligence to their customers so they can take preventive measures. Technology quickly changes and evolves, so does the security posture of a system. Keeping a system secure is a difficult task. NormShield makes this task easier with its turnkey cloud or on-premise platforms enabling companies to detect and stop potential cyber threats early. NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecards provide the information necessary to protect business from cyber attacks. The scorecards provide a letter grade and a drill down into the data for each risk category so that remediation of vulnerabilities can be prioritized.
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CabinetM is a Marketing Technology Management Platform that makes it easy for enterprise marketing teams to manage the technology they have and find the technology they need. Using CabinetM, marketing teams can: Create marketing technology stacks to visualize, track, and manage technology being used across the company; annotate each stack with function, performance, spend, and integration information; track all the details of vendor contracts; access a database of more than 10,000 products to find new products to acquire, engage, and retain customers; generate reports to keep everyone informed; and collaborate around technology strategy. The benefits of using CabinetM include: An increase in customer life time value due to improved stack performance and better management of technology expenditures; productivity improvements derived from centralized oversight of technology; mitigation of security and compliance exposure.
CHAOSSEARCH is a cloud-based log management and analytics service that extends the power of ELK directly onto AWS S3, providing access to long-term data that you’ve never had before! CHAOSSEARCH turns your S3 account into a search and analytics platform that can cost-effectively provide “live” access to terabytes of data over months and years. No data movement. No data duplication. No transformation.
Redefining how space systems are operated at scale through intelligent orchestration.
Common Sense Machines is training artificial intelligence that learns to translate the visual world into a 3D simulation for people and machines. 3D simulations have great value; we build 3D models to create photorealistic images of products and spaces at a fraction of the cost of photography, develop diverse assets for game and augmented realities, use CAD to prototype and print new parts, or create synthetic worlds to test and train autonomous systems. But 3D models are still too slow, hard, and expensive to create. Common Sense Machines is building a Real-to-Sim platform for creating build human-like 3D models with machine-like speed and scale. Common Sense Machines was founded by a group of PhDs and faculty from MIT. We have worked on large AI systems at DeepMind and have collectively founded three companies with successful exits. The company is based in Cambridge, MA. We are venture-backed and looking to expand our team of scientists and engineers.